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Go-Go Lock

Go-Go Lock

The Go-Go Lock is a lock that protects its users from opportunistic theft, so that commuters and travelers can travel securely and stylishly.

It lives on the exterior front handle of any bag and a central button holds the wire cable in place and features a TouchID pad for security.


To use, simply unwind the stainless steel slash-proof cable and wrap it around a nearby fixture, such as a bedpost, table leg, or other unmovable object. 

Then re-insert and lock the ends together by tapping the TouchID fingerpad on the center. 

Ideal for Travelers

The nature of travel includes constantly changing environments. Travel theft is more diverse than simply bag snatching. Vulnerable situations include fatigue, belongings left in hotels, underneath chairs in public spaces, and even overhead baggage carriers. There's a need for a versatile way to secure baggage. 

Go-Go Lock keeps travelers stylish and secure. 

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