Shireen started creating digital art at the age of twelve years old, when she was gifted her first wacom tablet. She has been experimenting and creating in the medium ever since, and is eager for what emerging technology could do for it.

Though she was raised in California and Pakistan, her pursuit for education has taken her all over the United States. She has worked with and studied alongside engineers at Georgia Tech, youth from every quarter at Phillips Andover, and artists at Parsons School of Design, where she recently graduated with a BFA in Product Design.  

Shireen is passionate about design in the realms both digital and physical, and most excited for when she can work on the two intertwined. While user interface and user experience are words most commonly associated with software design nowadays, Shireen believes that every product, even ones as analog as a bedside table or chest of drawers, has a user interface that needs to be carefully considered. Her design process emphasizes discovery by iteration, and begins and ends with user research and testing. 

She is currently seeking work in the fields of industrial and product design, and hopes to soon be working on products that inspire the same level of wonder and empowerment she felt when she embarked on her design education. 

To learn more about Shireen's work history and skills, please visit her on LinkedIn.



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Email: shireen.aziz95@gmail.com | Phone: (510) 509 5136