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SnugNugs is a heater concept that operate as both a space heater and pocket-warmer reserve. 

This dual-function appliance will keep you warm, wherever you go. 


The concept was inspired by the daily struggle of houseworkers in third-world countries, who fail to stay warm due to the indoor and outdoor nature of their work.

The goal of the heater was to transport the warmth of the home to the outdoors, for constant comfort.


Explorations included an investigation on how heat could be transported. A round, cylindrical form was favored for its heat-conserving surface-area to volume ratio. And finally, a flared-out form with a wider top, and narrower base was settled on, for its airflow capabilities. 

Final Concept 

The base of the upper half of the Snugnug features circular heating vents that allow air to pass through the spire and around the pocket warmers.

A traditional heating coil and fan push hot air through the spire and heating vents.

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